Flea Market

If you're in Porto next weekend don't forget to visit me and Marta on Saturday
(and only saturday!) at the Flea Market.
We will be there selling those pieces which we're a bit tired of seeing in our
closet, but which can look fantastic somewhere else! You can't miss this amazing
opportunity of buying great pieces at "ridiculous" prices!
See you there!!!

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3 comentários:

  1. ohhh...adorava!!!! =( que pena trabalhar no fds era a ocasião perfeita para ir ao porto!! Que saudades... e um Flea Market <3

  2. Se tiver tempo dou lá uma vista de olhos :) paga-se entrada?

  3. Ooh... to far away to go! What about an online flea market to sell that pieces you're tired of? It would be great! xx